Equitysentryea.com review; What do you think of this company?

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Equitysentryea.com review: Experience they said is the best teacher. In as much as there are many online Scams; There numerous expert advisors. And we can not discredit these legit companies. Although we have researched extensively about equitysentryea.com we can’t label it a Scam. This is because we don’t have any reason to do that. Therefore in this Equitysentryea.com review, we want you to share your experience with them on this plartform.
Remember we are recommending it yet therefore we don’t have any link to them for you. But we will go ahead and share our research findings with you.

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Equitysentryea.com review.

The registration of equitysentryea.com was on the June 16th 2016. This means that the person behind this operation has at least years of experience. But suffice it to say that he even started long before 2016. Meanwhile, Equity Sentry EA is an MT4 add-on to close all open positions and disable all Expert Advisors in specific situations. allow Forex traders set a “Hard Stop” level to protect the account from unexpected drawdowns. There are different plans for you choose. Although you are not allowed to share your software license with anyone. Yet you can use it to run different MT4 plartforms. But this depends on the type of plan you have. Moreover, you can upgrade software to a better license in one year after purchase. But in this case, you have to pay the price difference. After which you become eligible to receive every benefits attached.
Currently there is no free trial for this product. But with the 60 day money back guarantee, you can have enough time to try the software.

Let’s meet the brain behind this operation.

The owner of this software is Rimantas Petrauskas. And his address is B.K. Baluńćio 23B, Vilnius, Lithuania. There are numerous achievements in the past by Rimantas Petruaskas.
He is the creator of two popular trade copiers for MT4 plartform. They are the signal margician and local trade copier.
Meanwhile,as an entrepreneur he is a co-worker founder of Autotrading Academy and co-creator of the popular trading strategy launch framework. In addition, he is one of the Amazon best-selling author in Forex category. This Rimantas’s book is called “How to start your own Forex signals services.

Equitysentryea.com review on plans.

There are 3 different plans available for you to choose. And the different plans have different service packages. They include:
Personal license for one month: This plan is available for the price of $19 per month. After one month, you will be charged monthly until you cancel the subscription. It can be used simultaneously only on one PC. But you can operate unlimited real and demo accounts. And you will receive email support throughout the one month. In addition, this plan permit software transfer from one PC to another.

Personal license for one year: It has similar benefits as in the one month plan. But in addition, it has one time fee. Therefore after one year, you will not have further changes. It goes for $159.

Pro license for one year: This has similar benefits like the personal one year license. But it can be used simultaneously in up to 5 PCs. The price of this plan is $299.

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Equitysentryea.com review pros and cons.


. Known identity.
. Over 18 years of experience
. Previous legit products
. Easy software installation.
. Software runs multiple real and demo accounts.
. Support provision is only through email.
. There is only one method of payment.
. There is no free trial of the software.
. The support is provided only in English language.
. There is no evidence of regulation of the person behind this operation. And he didn’t show any license to render financial services.

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Conclusion on equitysentryea.com review.

In this equitysentryea.com review. We are not labeling it Scam or legit. Therefore,we want you to air your view.
But in the mean time we can only say that there are both good and bad sides of the company. So air your view.
Remember you can read our review of this company.

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