GWT capital review: are they legit or scam investment platform please read our review

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GWT Capital review: is a scam forex broker in totality. This so called broker is confused and very unserious. Why do we say that? First, on heating the landing page of this website, potential clients will have the impression that GWT Capital is a cryptocurrency exchange company. Therefore, you will think that they have nothing to do with CFD. Unfortunately, this is not the case, but we shall get to it later.

Meanwhile, this broker believe in using fake testimonials to lure traders into investing money in it. Moreover, there is scanty information about this website. Therefore, we strongly believe that they will soon crash. Which is why we advise you to avoid investing money investing your money in it. And by the time you finish reading this review, don’t forget to thank us by leaving comment.

To get across to them, you can visit 8 Canada square, London E14 SHQ, United Kingdom. Or call +44203779964.

You can also locate them in their French office 66 Avenue, Des Champs-Elysees. You can also send a mail to Or call 0971082065.

GWT Capital review

GWT Capital review

This broker claim to be a European based company that provides services for hundreds of thousands of traders across the world. Moreover, they claim to have a wide range cryptocurrency which one can trade. Meanwhile, GWT Capital also claim to be a company established since 2014. In addition, they also claim to be partnering with notable cryptocurrency exchange companies; Which include Kraken, Binance, Coinex etc.

We can conformably tell you that all the above information are lie. First, this domain was registered on 11th November, 2018. Therefore, they lie to potential clients about their existence since 2014. They don’t partner with any of the above companies. All those fake claims are just to defraud you.

This broker lacks transparency in totality. Moreover, their is no evidence of transaction going on here.

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Is your money safe in GWT Capital ?

Your money is not safe. Infact we can assure you that once you put in your money, you will loose it.

This person behind this operation didn’t disclose his identity. Therefore, you don’t even know who’s receiving the money.
If this is a legit broker, they should disclose their identity so potential clients will know who they are dealing with.

On the other hand, we found in this GWT Capital review that they don’t have any regulation. Yet they claim to be in UK and France. If they really exist in any of these places; They must be under regulation of AMC, FCA or even CySec. But none of these regulatory bodies overseas their actions. The implication, is that they don’t have clients compensation fund scheme. Therefore, once you invest you will never see your money again.

In addition, if GWT Capital is truly legit, then they should provide verifiable proof of their trading. We expect them to show a third-party verifiable account like myfxbook or fxblue.

Other reasons you should stay away from GWT Capital.

This company is not serious. There are no available trading plartform on the website. And the trading conditions like the spread, leverage, commissions are not mentioned. We don’t even believe that these people are aware of what is involved in cryptocurrency trading.

Moreover, throughout this GWT Capital review, we don’t know their methods of deposit and withdrawal. Unlike, transparent, regulated and profitable brokers, this GWT Capital is hiding a lot. Therefore, we suggest you avoid them until they come clean.

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In addition, they are displaying fake testimonials to deceive you. If they have been in existence since 2015, and only 3 people can testify, then it’s a big lie. Those testimonials are still from them using fake names.


Finally we conclude our review by saying a word. This broker is a big scam. It’s going to fold up any time. They are not providing the necessary information required. Therefore, don’t be deceived by the false claims and fake testimonials.
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