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November 29, 2022

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Hashcity review

Hashcity Review; this is a crypto mining firm established in 2018. Aside from being a new company, the identity of the people behind the company is undisclosed. This is a big red flag. However, we shall not deny the fact that there are other credits for Hashcity.

This article will elaborate on the relevant factors; You need to know about this mining firm.

Hashcity Review

Hashcity claims to provides its users with the ability to mine Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Monero(XMR); Ethereum Classic (ETC), Zcash(ZEC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), and Bytecoin(BCN); With over 200 coins more to be supported in the future.
The company currently has 81386 workers, with a total profit of  $4,759,840. They have a general power of  275.62PH/s at the time of this review.
According to our who. is research, the company seems to be from Russia. However, the identity of the operators of the company is unknown. Therefore one should think twice before investing money in the Company.

How secure is Hashcity?

In this Hashcity review, we shall specifically state that the company is not secure. As we pointed out before, the owners of this firm are not known. And it’s a big red flag. Moreover, there is no information regarding the company license. Therefore, we aren’t wrong to assume that the company has no license to mine count. Additionally, we don’t know anything about the effort that this company is making to protect clients’ data. So we advise caution before investing in this company. Instead, invest in this company that we have tested and trusted.

Hashcity review on their pros.

It’s worth noting that For all algorithms, the pool fee is 1%. There are no withdrawal fees. They claim on their website to give miners full reward; Including the transaction fee of a block. Although this information is unverified. So we consider it unreliable. Additionally, Hashcity pays you 10% of our revenue; From the pool revenue for your referrals.  Automatic remuneration and Free graphics for your website, blog, or forum. This sounds good, but the 10% referral bonus is outrageous. It looks like they attempt to operate like a Ponzi scheme. Ensure you finish reading this hashcity review to find out more.
Do you know that experts recommend ; You should invest companies that have been tested and trusted?

Hashcity review

You have to see prove of investment and withdrawal. That’s the only confirmation. This is so since scammers are always unable to process most withdrawal.

Other benefits of investing in Hashcity

  • Hash has an internal exchange that automatically lets users buy/sell coins; To exchange mined currencies at Hashcity rates.
  • It is compatible with the Nicehash platform.
  • It has a chat room on its platform and a Telegram community; Where users and their team members can connect.
  • Its platform is easy to navigate with a good design.
  • It supports six different languages; Including English, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and Turkish.

Hashcity review Conclusion 

There are lots of merits and demerits of investing in Hashcity. One of the advantages is that the company has existed for barely four years. However, the security of both your data and money is is sure. Therefore; It is best to invest in a company that has been tested and trusted such as HashingBTC.
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