Iqcent review: is iqcent legit or scam read more about iq cent binary, forex and CFDs broker

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Iqcent review 2023

Iq cent review 2023 : is IQcent legit, reliable or just scam?. On this update, we will provide you with all the necessary information about so today, you will know if iqcent is legit or fake. The new domain is now

IQ cent review

Iq cent review 2022: IQcent is a new online broker for forex, CFDs, binary options and cryptocurrencies. founded in 2017 by group of experts with inovating trading platform. Iqcent is located at Clever Technologies Ltd | Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MH96960. We know that the broker is new and might gain no trust yet, but we have tried this platform and they are great. At its start, iqcent was a graphic-intensive forex platform and it has adapted those tools for crypto trading. However as we checked last time, the broker is on constant upgrade.

IQcent account types

IQcent offer multiple trading platform with low minimum. The company offer three types of account types. However, all the account comes with deferent benefits. Thus let’s analyze them one by one.

Bronze account: the bronze account is best for traders with low minimum deposit of $10. It comes with 24/7 livechat  video support with copy trading tools.  More-so the bonus is 20%, while the withdrawal time is in less than 1hour. It have demo account and access to copy professionals.

Silver account: the silver account is for traders with mining deposits of $250. This account size comes with 50% bonus and demo account. More-so if you open account, you will have 24/7 livechat customer support. Yes there’s copy trading with master class web session. However the withdrawal is in less than 1hour with first 3 time risk free trade.
Gold account: The gold account seems to be the best with the minimum deposit of $1000. It has all the IQ cent features, its equiped with 24/7 live chat customer support. More-so it have demo account with 100% deposit bonus. If you sign  up for gold account, you will get personal success manager. You will be offered copy trading special tools, master class (web session) and 3 risk free trade.

Iqcent Platform

We are glad to write Iqcent review, especially after using the platform. Though they have cons but offer a competitive platform. however when I checked the platform I was very surprised about its simplicity. But looking at the available tools, its amazing. Now let go  in details, IQ cent platform have good interface with CALL and PUT trading buttons. They offer 2 types of option, which is tubo and intraday. If you want to use copy trading just look up to the right corner of the interface and click copy trading.

The platform is very easy to navigate with different trading chart types. You can choose from the Tick chart and candle sticks. They also offer expiration trade time form 60 seconds to 30 minutes to 1hour.
They offer technical analysis and trade partern idea. With this you will know the market position. Above all, the minimum trade is $0.01, so anyone can trade with little amounts.

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Iqcent reviews

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Iqcent  review 2023 on Promotion and bonuses!

IQ cent contest: the broker offer its customers a contest with price of $20,000. The contest comes every week, with 20 lucky winners. Other prices to win is laptop, iPhone apple watch etc.
Can I participate in the contest?
Yes, any trader with any amount of deposit can join the contest. However the winner is calculated by the number of your trade in a week whether win or lose trades.
Iq cent Bonus: the  broker offer every account with bonus as follows. The bronze account comes with 20%. The silver account comes with 50% bonus while the gold account is 100% bonus.

IQ cent copy trading

Iq cent copy trading

Thinking of using IQ cent copy trading but dont know how it work. The simple truth is that it is very simple with zero effort. Therefore to copy a trader at IQ cent is simple, just copy their listed experts. And this is the reason why we said that they have long term experience of the market. At IQ cent,  there are top 10 best traders. They are tested and trusted with live voting from users. All you need to do is to fund your account, choose any of the professional and click copy trading. Automatically you now trade whatever  that trader, trades. More-so you win trade whenever that trader wins trades.

Do they have customer support?

One of the greatest challenges trader will have while trading is lack of support. But at IQ cent, you have customer support via video live chat, phone calls and email. Above all, you have the option to join the group chat or private chat.

What is the Payment methods available?
payment methods

IQcent offer more than 5 different payment methods with zero fee. You can make deposit via Mastercard or Visa, perfect money is available as well. Then cryptocurrency like bitcoin,  ethereum and altcoins is accepted. Its available in all countries and funding is instant, learn more.
Note that IQ cent charge 5% deposit fee on Visa and Mastercard, but others are free.

Leverage and assets available!

Leverage: IQcent offer its customers leverage up to 1:100. With it you can manage your risks and maximize your  profit with small investment
Assets: The broker offer a good number of assets more than 100 assets. Therefore you can choose from forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies etc. Above all, you can trade all this on the go, no download needed.

Is iqcent legit?

At this moment, we shouldn’t be asking if iqcent is legit.  However if you are still confused about the platform and ask if IQcent is legit or scam? The answer is  yes. The broker is transparent with the their customers. They offer binary options, forex and CFDs, with 24/7 customers support. However before writing iqcent review, I tried using the broker. And it served me well with good platform. Iqcent review is just a testimony of transparency gotten from the company.

Iq cent Setup

If you want to to start trading with iqcent, it’s easy and takes only three simple steps.
Firstly, you have to visit the official website here fill the form with your details as it appears on your ID cards, for easy verification. Fund your account and start trading with as low as $10. Then start trading with as low $0.01 per lot size. If you have no trading experience,  you just have to copy perfect traders. To copy any trader, just select your choice and start copying. Trade binary now 

Why did we recommend IQ cent at early stage?

In the process of our iq cent review,  we noticed that trader’s fund are safe at iqcent. There is nothing to worry about when you see a new innovation from good home. IQ cent platform is built to take over the market.  It’s a challenge to so many  brokers, like binarycent platform.  They offer low minimum minimum deposit, customers support, contest, platform and more. We have worked with some of their colleagues, they are just experts. We are recommending the broker for you. You can try the broker with just $10 and be a witness.

Iq cent Review 2023 Conclusion

IqcentFinally, we will conclude our iqcent review by telling you to start trading with confidence. IQ cent is a reformed forex, CFDs and options broker to serve online traders better. Therefore if you are looking to know if IQcent platform is legit, reliable and safe. Then we are sure to say that they are legit, they are trustworthy and good to use. However, you can visit the  broker and know more about the platform.
Finally, we are done with IQ cent review and we would like to advise you to always trade with a reliable platform. But before anything, Try broker with $10
Compare iqcent with deriv. Or trade with 10 minimum deposit

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  1. It’s a regular scam. If you’ll try to withdraw profit they put a price manipulating robot on your account. It’s pure theft!

  2. Please and Please if you want to do forex (binary option) don’t use iqcent please again and again. they are regular scammer. Because I have tried them it’s not working, do not copy trade, 2 they manipulate there trade. I have bad experience with them.

  3. BEWARE!! They permanently made my rollover option extend only 1 minute on any trade timeframe. I always take 3 minute trades and it only gives me 1 minute extra. Even on a 15 minute trade it only gives me 1 minutes of rollover time.

  4. Do not even think of investing your hard earned money with CRYPONXT & CRYPTEC. They have no empathy whilst perpetuating their evil acts and they will do all in their wherewithal to milk you asking for payment after payment to process your withdrawal requests and each time you make payment they come up with another reason to ask for more payment. Timothy Miller is a fraud and a dubious soul. I have a cumulative sum of one hundred and six thousand Euro equivalent to eight million Croatian kuna lost to these dingbats. I later found out from the international recovery firm that helped repatriate my lost capital and a significant portion of my ROI(contact recoverywealthnow360 at g mail d o t c o m ) that I was only shown simulated trades. Timothy Miller played me smooth and I feel really retarded for falling prey to these dubious elements. The FBI should be on them by now as I know for a fact that they have swindled hundreds of naive victims. Your end is near. Do well and refund all the monies you stolen from people who haven’t been able to repatriate their funds from you dishonest souls. Stay circumspect and do not suffer in silence.

  5. Please and please if you are to trade forex do not use iqcent because they are regular scarmer. copy trade is a scarm also note that you will be trading against a robot. they are confirm scarmer .

  6. Trade with Iqcent for 3 months all good until 2 weeks ago.

    They changed the rollover to 30% of the time, with no previous warning.

    After that I tried to get the money out, funds + profits, they started accusing me of using robots. And my account was cancelled without them proving nothing.

  7. Iq Cent
    A fraud and theft company and it is a gang that I have money and they refused to withdraw and they stole it, and I will expose them everywhere with pictures and evidence
    I will warn people against dealing with them on social media sites with thousands of members, and I will file a complaint against them in financial institutions to stop them from fraud and hold them accountable

  8. IQCent is a scam, very terrible, always spiking out trade with a second to the end and it will return to original price again, I tried opening 2 IQCent chart side by side and there was no spike on the second chart. Be careful

  9. Do not use IQ Cent! I took a withdraw of profits, they cancelled it and then returned it to me as bonus money that I can never withdraw! Thieves! Be careful! Also they delete any comments like this, that should prove something to you!

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