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The estimated reading time for this post is 339 seconds review : Iq mining is a Cryptocurrency mining company that started towards the end of 2016. The founders of this company is a team of experts in blockchain. They also comprise of IT engineers. Iq mining is recognized as one of the most reliable Cryptocurrency mining firm in the world. They have good customer support. In addition, they execute payment exactly as promised. There are no hinges in transaction. Although there are complains about their charges of 0.001$. But this complain is like one in a million. Which probably makes it less significant.
Just Like minergate, no Company is perfect. And Iq mining has tolerable deficiencies.

The largest location of data centers of Iq mining is in Canada, Russia, Algeria, Iceland, Georgia and China. In case of any challenges, you can always reach out to Iqmining team through email using
There are also other methods of contacting their support team. These include live chat and phone numbers. Although this depends on the exigency of your requirement and your location as well. review review.

This company has proven to be reputable and reliable since onset. Meanwhile, they specialize in mining the the most popular Cryptocurrencies. These are Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Zcash. There are different methods of payment. Therefore it’s usually not a problem to deposit money in Iqmining or even to withdraw. These methods of payment include PayPal, MasterCard,webmoney, wire transfer, Visa card, Visa Electron, perfect money, Qiwi.
In addition, they also accept Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, light coin. This is unlike some scammers that claim to trade Forex. And receive payments only through methods that are not traceable.

We have been studying the activities of this company since 2018. Therefore after this long period, we can only recommend Iqmining. This is because it has distinguished itself from other Cryptocurrency mining companies.
Meanwhile, once you register with Iqmining, then you will choose a contract. This contract can either be 2 years, 5 years or even a lifetime contract. Which ever contract you choose; The following Cryptocurrencies are available for you to mine. They are Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash and Zcash. The minimum purchase amount differs depending on the type of contract.

They are as listed in this review below:
.Scrypt: 30 MH/s
.SHA-256: 1000 GH/s
.Ethereum: 5000 KH/s
.Zcash: 50 H/s
.Dash: 30 MH/s

How does Iqmining work?

Once you register with Iq mining, then you will have to select the particular contract you prefer. After that you will choose the mining strategy of your choice. Then you will make your deposit and start mining. Your payout can come as fast as within 1 day of mining. This payout will be in Bitcoin. Moreover, in this review, it’s important to point out that this company also trade other altcoins for Bitcoin.

Iq mining review 2019 a must watch before investing

Meanwhile, Iq mining is considered the next step in Cryptocurrency mining.
It combines lower costs of Gh/s.
Thanks to smart contracts with electricity suppliers and higher mining efficiency, due to automated altcoins mining switch. At the end you get 3 times more for lower cost.

The Iqmining engineer is George Virsky. This guy is genuine and all over the internet for his expertise. This is unlike other fake Cryptocurrency mining companies that give fake identity.

Iqmining mining plans.

There are 5 diffrent investment plans. And each of them comes with a different package. They include:

1. SHA-256: This plan requires a minimum hashrate of 10 GH/s with a maintenance fee of 0.001$. There are 10 major altecoins available mine. Moreover, once you start mining, then you can be receiving daily payout in Bitcoin.
The contract price starts from 0.3 $ per 10 GH/s. Historically, the annual profit of this company is 73%.

2. SHA-256 PRO: This plan has similar features with the one above. But the annual profit is 128%. In addition,it has 100-150 altcoins available for mining.

3. Ethereum mining: This utilize GPU mining Riggs. The minimum mining deposit is 0.1 MH/s with annual profit of 60%. Meanwhile there is no maintenance fee charged. They payout is daily in Ethereum.

4. SCRYPT: This plan has 10 altcoins available for mining. The payment is daily in litcoin. It requires a minimum hashrate of 1MH/s. And the annual profit is 47%. And it requires a maintenance fee of 0.005$.

5. SCRYPT PRO: This plan has similar features as the 4 above. In addition, it’s annual profit is 82% and it has about 100- 150 altcoins available for mining.

To clarify you more on IQ mining
We will answer some questions lik: is IQ mining legit and paying?

Is IQ mining legit

We recently realized that IQ mining is the best investment platform. It ensure less stress and enhance profitability. We regret not giving out IQ mining investiment link since the very day it came out. Do You know that IQ mining investiment is a New 100% trusted investment platform?. The company rotate under 3 quality new technology group. However they enhanced their legitimate service through fast and easy daily payout. Please don’t ask if IQ mining is legit again, rather go ahead and start making money.

Is IQ mining paying

Is IQ mining paying?. I gurantee that If you invest in IQ mining today, you can withdraw tomorrow. However you have 14 days free trail and money back guarantee. At we have more than 1k investors, therefore payout is not a problem. The question; is IQ mining paying shouldn’t set you back.

IQ mining promo code

We have a several special promo code for every investor. Therefore you can instantly make Bitcoin with our qualitative promo code. This range from 25% extra power on purchase,  20% extra power on all puchase and 10% extra power on all puchase.
On 25% promo code: IQ25HOT
On 20% promo code:  CLICK
and 10% promo code: CLICK

IQ mining login

To login to your IQ mining account, simply click here to nevigat to IQ mining dashboard. On the right top side click login and input your details which you used to open the account. Then click login button, and it will securlly take you to your dashboard.


Finally we will conclude review; And we believe to have carefully answered your question is IQ mining legit!.  Therefore don’t fear on any investment to IQ mining. It is transparent and has distinguished itself from Scam mining companies. We highly recommend it.
For a cloud mining contract,  IQ mining is the best.

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