Pipbreaker Review ; is Pipbreaker another Scam?

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pipbreaker review






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Pipbreaker Review ; Pipbreaker is a new Forex indicator. The creators of this indicator is Wetalktrade.com. Meanwhile, wetalktrade introduced Pipbreaker forex indicators as the best indicator for MT4. They also claim that the most efficient way to trade Forex manually is by using Pipbreaker. Moreover, Wetalktrade promises potential Pipbreaker users a success rate of 90%-93%. Meanwhile, Wetalktrade.com is a website that sells forex indicators, Forex EAs and a handful of forex signals. Although for the purpose of this Pipbreaker review; We shall not discuss the other of their products. But we hope to take some time in our subsequent reviews and discuss wetalktrade.com and their products.

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Fals Claims

Currently, Pipbreaker claim to also have 4.5/5 star recommendation by over 1397 traders. Therefore one wouldn’t be surprised to find many positive reviews on the internet.


Allegedly, using this indicator will be simple since you will get 24/7 customer support. Moreover, you will also get assistance in your setup and installation of the indicator. Therefore, we are right to say that if you purchase this indicator, wetalktrade will be by your side. But currently, we don’t recommend this product since there are some outstanding issues. At the same time, we don’t label it a Scam

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Pipbreaker indicators Review:

This indicator promises to make you 90%-93% profit. This is awesome and attractive. But unfortunately throughout the website, it’s not clear how this win rate can be achieved. Although the website has a good design; But we need the creator of this indicator to explain how it works. It’s not enough to market the product with such high success rate, without saying how it’s achieved. Meanwhile, this Pipbreaker indicator cost $249.99. This price is high. Therefore, it’s not advisable to gamble such amount. Except this profit is guaranteed. Which is not the case here. Except they can provide verifiable proof of the success. Maybe from myfxbook or Fxblue.

This people promise to offer assistance in setting up and installation of the indicator. They are available to provide 24/7 customer support. Meanwhile there are a few positive reviews about the indicator. But we don’t trust such reviews since there is no other review outside the website. This is surprising since they claim to have over 1397 users of this indicator. It sounds like this value is made up.

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Although they claim that this works for both MT4 and MT5, there is no evidence of performance. They also claim that the indicator is very good for every type of trading style. Therefore if you prefer scalable trading style, it’s for you. Also if you prefer long time trading style, this is also for you. In addition, it works in all currency pairs. Unfortunately, it will take a long time before you get familiar with the best trading style to use it for. Also you need spend a long time trying to find the best currency pairs to use the indicator on.

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Therefore,we suggest that there should be a free trial period of the indicator. This will go a long way in overcoming those challenges.

pipbreaker review

Features of Pipbreaker forex indicators;

Pipbreaker has some awesome features. Accoding to the creator, it’s user friendly. In addition, it works for every trading style and has dedicated customer support. Meanwhile, With pipbreaker you can bring a disciplined trading style. With proper stop loss for each trade, which will make your account more secure.

In case of any challenges, the location of wetalktrade is 2711 Centerville road, suite 400, DE 19808. They can also be reached via a contact form on the website. In addition you can always communicate them through this email address support@wetalktrade.com.
All the above information are great ways of communication. But they need to first provide evidence that this indicator is profitable.


Conclusion on Pipbreaker indicators review

Finally we will  conclude our pipbreaker indicators review by saying no to their tools for trading. There are lot of issues with this indicator. The creator should provide better information to help clearify everyone.
In the meantime, we don’t recommend this company. We always encourage traders to use this profitable tool to trade Forex.
Thanks for reading. If you need us to do anything else for you, let us know on the comment section.

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