Piphiker.com review ; is piphiker another Scam? find out now.

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piphiker.com review

Piphiker.com review ; Piphiker is a Forex EA that the owner markets as the most popular forex robot in 2018. The developer of Piphiker EA markets it as a passive way of making money. Therefore, they give the potential investors an impression that they don’t need to put in any effort, since Piphiker will trade and generate profit for them. Moreover, the installation is very easy and in less than 5 minutes, you will finish and the rest is making money. Although this is true for a profitable forex trading tool, but we don’t think it’s the case here.

Piphiker.com review

This expert advisor belongs to the iForexRobot group, and the owner is PlanInvest. A company run by Sebatian van Hilten. Their location is at Raadhuisstraat 24, Amsterdam, NL. We first came across this company in 2017, and it’s quite apparent that they’ve been releasing new products since. To get in touch with the support team, traders can email support@iforexrobot.com or call +44 20 3239 5772 and +359 24518410.
Let us now elaborate on our analysis of this Piphiker EA.

Piphiker.com review

Piphiker EA is a grid and hedging trading robot. Therefore, you should expect that the Forex trading robot will only work with a broker who allows hedging. Also, if you don’t like grid strategy of trading, then this robot is simply not meant for you. This software uses the RSI and MACD indicators to determine potential trade target. Although there is no real explanation as to how these indicators are used. Moreover, the type of role they have in the overall makeup of their trading strategy is also not clear.

Piphiker.com review

Moreover, with grid traders and hedging system; Flash crash is always a source of concern. Although most of the system will survive a large hit. The problem with robots that use grid trading strategies is that they blow up account entirely. Therefore, in this piphiker.com review; we are not entirely wrong to consider this product a high risk product.

NOTE: Find out what we said about this forexkoe EA.

The currency pairs you can trade using this EA include EUR/USD, GPB/JPY, and AUD/NZD. When you purchase a copy of the PipHiker EA, you should expect a monthly profit of between 7-12%. The average is 10% per month though. This is quite a realistic goal as there are many Forex trader who consistently generate more than this profit they promise. Therefore these results are not exaggeration. They also tell us that this robot works well with a $1000 account. Meanwhile the robot does not require any human intervention because it is 100% automatic. Moreover, the installation is easy and it comes with lifetime support.

The Piphiker investment plans.

There are 3 available investment plans. There prices ranges from $299-$499. Although this depends on the package you choose.
The first package costs $299 and you can only use it on one MT4 account. The second and third packages are $399 and $499 respectively. The second and third packages can be used in two and three MT4 accounts respectively.
Once you buy any of the packages, you will email your MT4 account to the owner of this product. Then you will receive the EA within an hour.

piphiker.com review

The opinion of the customers.

There are some positive reviews about this product on the landing page. But we cannot find any other review on the internet. Meanwhile, this product is being marketed as the most popular in 2018. Therefore, it’s suspicious that a popular product has no review by the users. One can even assume that the positive reviews on the landing page of the website are manipulated. Therefore,at the moment, we can’t recommend this product.

Conclussion on Piphiker.com review.

Th owner of this product is yet to convince us to recommend it. The truth is that it may be profitable. Although considering the strategy, the risk is high.
Therefore we suggest that you use this better Forex trading tool.

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