Qubithashes: A terrible mining company. Don’t invest your money here except you read this review.


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Qubithashes.com is a dubious mining firm. They deceive their investors with high ROI. Meanwhile their contact and location are hidden from investors. Do not waste your money in qubithashes.com.

It’s important to remember that each investment has risk, but the level of risk differs in every investment. Higher risks are linked with investments that promise higher returns. However, no return on investment is a promise.
Keep in mind that past and future returns can be very different from each other. That means one might lose all of their invested money. Thus, you must have all the relevant facts; Before investing in any crypto-mining company. Moreover, thorough understanding of risk; Curbs investment loss.

Qubithashes.com Evaluation

At the end of this review, you will understand; Reasons not to invest in qubithashes.com. Qubithashes.com is a swindle. This is a new company. Our findings from who.is ; Show that it was registered in September, 2022. Yet they promise to offer high ROI to investors.

Additionally, qubithashes.com hide their contact and location. They are swindle. Thus, hiding their contact and location make it impossible to reach them. Qubithashes.com attracts investors with high return and defraud them. It is advisable to invest your money in a reliable and trusted mining firm.

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Qubithashes.com Investment Package Review.

The duration of their investment packages start from two months(60days) to six months(240days). Qubithashes.com investment packages start from qubit silver 1 to qubit diamond 2.

Qubit Silver 1:

Hashpower 1 700 GH/s
Duration of the contract: 60 Days
Daily profit : ≈0.10$
$5. Qubit silver 1 is $5 for 60days. Therefore, for 60days, ROI is 0.10 times 60= $6. So, the ROI is $6 – $5 = $1. This implies that for 60days, the investor gets $1. Nevertheless, this dubious company is not interested in qubit silver 1 package. Secondly, they reduced the investment package; As low as $5. They want everyone to be able to invest. So that they can defraud a lot of people.

Qubit Gold 1

Hashpower :16 500 GH/s
Duration of the contract: 60 Days
Daily profit: ≈1.01$
For this qubit gold 1; Investment of $45 gives $60.6 after 60days.

Qubit Platinum 2:

Hashpower 210 700 GH/s
Duration of the contract 60 Days
Daily profit ≈12.94$
$490. One that invests $490 for 60days is promised ROI of $776.4.

Qubit Diamond 2

The package is ;
Hashpower 2 288 100 GH/s
Duration of the contract 60 Days
Daily profit ≈140.51$
$4 690. Therefore, with an invest of $4690 for 60days, qubithashes.com promises to offer; ROI of $8430.6.
This is around 80% of the invested money. Note that, they are not interested in qubit silver and gold. However, they use it to attract investors. They use qubit silver and gold packages to; Claim reliability. Furthermore, they want everyone to invest with them. The greater the number of investors, the greater the number of people they will defraud.

Moreover, qubithashes.com is interested more in qubit platinum and diamond. So, they promise higher ROI. However, they use high ROI to lure investors and swindle them.This is a dubious firm. Do not waste your money with them.

How safe is your money?

This is dubious firm. Your money is not safe in qubithashes.com. They deceive their investors with high ROI. Meanwhile their contact and location are hidden from investors. Do not waste your money in qubithashes.com.
Furthermore, this mining firm is mute on where they are located. They did not say anything about their location. Meanwhile, they are not registered or regulated. Every country has her own body that regulate mining companies. For instance, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in UK.

The Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) is the regulatory agency in Britain. All valid financial brokers must register with it. This gives the broker the license to operate in the area. Each valid broker deposits a specific amount of money with the FCA. This is called clients’ compensation funds. Therefore, if the broker collapses; then investors will get rewards from FCA. Meanwhile, each investor can get a reward of as much as €80000. However, qubithashes.com is silence on their location. Hence, no investor will know about their registration and regulation. This is one of the tricks use by scammers. Invest in a reliable and trusted mining firm.

Qubithashes.com’s contact review
Qubithashes.com is hiding their contact. They do not want to be reached. It is only via email address. They know that they are swindle. Therefore, they will not like to be reached easily. Do not waste your money in this company. They are just like this Hoyomining scam.


It is crystal clear that qubithashes.com is a dubious firm. They promise to offer high ROI to investors. However, if they are honest. Meanwhile, they will be proud of their achievement. So, they will not hide their contact and location. Invest your money in a reliable and trusted company

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