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February 7, 2023

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Remaxima Review ; Remaxima.com review; This is an appalling brokerage scam. What is even more pathetic is the fact that they pay some individuals like valforex; And some others in trust pilots to write positive reviews about them.

Meanwhile, this Remaxima scam broker has been blacklisted by many UK regulatory agents. However, you will get this detail subsequently in this remaxima review.
Currently, they are not giving extensive information about the company. Moreover, the system is open only to those they invite. Which is a clear indication that they scammers.
To get across to them, potential clients have to call +442080895062 or send a mail to [email protected].
If you have been keeping your money in the bank, that’s not a good option. Do you want to multiply your money in a legitimate manner, that’s a fantastic idea. However, you have to be careful because the forex, binary options and crypo currency industry is filled with scammers.
Remaxima.com review
That’s why we offer you Iqcent which is one of the best investment companies in the world. It is tested, trusted and regulated. Invest your money in Iqcent and don’t forget to thank us.

Remaxima review

The very first striking evidence that this is a big scam is noticed once you make an attempt to open account with them. They will immediately tell you that REGISTRATION IS STRICTLY BY INVITATION. In other words, Remaxima broker don’t allow everyone to use the platform. Which begs the question; Who is qualified to invest in this broker? After our extensive research during this remaxima.com review; It’s now clear that they only invite potential clients using social media platforms such as hang out, Instagram, dating websites, and many more. This way, they confuse these innocent investors to scam them once they register.
Remaxima review
Meanwhile, these people do not provide reasonable information about who they are. They only claim to be a handy platform for forex trading.  Furthermore,  it aims to create a secure multi-currency environment; Which makes it possible for easy and safe transactions. And also provide all clients with transparent opportunities of benefiting from investing in the global currency market.
The above information is absolutely what is not required. They should tell us which people are behind this system and also justify their competence in forex trading. They are just like other scams we have reviewed. You should avoid them if you don’t want to lose your money. Moreover, you can invest in a safe and secure broker like this one.

Remaxima.com review on the security of your funds.

Remaxima is a big-time forex trading scam. This broker is already on the blacklist of many financial regulatory agencies  across the world.
The agencies include the British FCA, the Belgian FSMA, the Dutch AFM; The Italian CONSOB, the Slovenian ATVP and the Danish DFSA.
Financial Conduct Authority of UK, published their warning against remaxima on 6th August 2020. It is clearly shown in the diagram below.
Remaxima.com review
Some of the other warning such as FSMA and CONSOB are on the images below.
Remaxima review
Make sure not to waste time in this broker because they will eventually scam you. Always invest only in a secure, reliable and profitable broker. Moreover, the identity of these people is not known. Therefore avoid them at all cost.

Remaxima Review on account types.

There are five different account types. These are beginner, standard, business premium and vip accounts.
The minimum deposit depends on the type of account and Rangers from $250 to $250000. Of course, the beginner account has industry stipulated minimum standard. However, this is not enough reason to give away your money; Especially when we are sure that you will lose it. Remaxima broker is not different from other scams we have reviewed.

Other missing information about remaxima.com broker

This scam allows registration only by invitation.
As a result, it has become impossible for us to navigate the website and find out about the trading platform. Also, there is no relevant information regarding the spread and leverage. These are  relevant information that can affect your investment.

Remaxima.com review on charges and methods of deposit and withdrawal.

Following our inability to register with this broker; It’s impossible to find out reliable information regarding their charges. This is a big problem since investors will have no choice than to accept any charges imposed on them. And of course, this is going to be outrageous. You should avoid them until they are willing to disclose better information about their platform. Moreover, you can always choose this transparent, regulated and profitable broker.
In addition, their methods of deposit and withdrawal are not specified. This is worrisome since the most reliable methods of payment and withdrawal are wire transfer and cards.  These are traceable transactions. Moreover, paying through cards like Visa and master gives opportunity for refunds. However, we are suspecting that these scams like remaxima will always prefer cryptocurrency which is not traceable. Ensure that you avoid this scam.


This remaxima.com review has elaborated on the reasons you should avoid them.  They don’t deserve both your time and your money. Instead invest in a reliable broker like this one we recommend.
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