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February 7, 2023

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Scam alert
Ponzi is back again with the name broker,  a lot of traders are losing their money  to scam because they don’t know how to trade and they don’t want to learne . As trading is difficult  and involve high risk, people are looking for a short cut of making this money  from forex trading there by falling into the hands of scam. Some individuals will build a website and tell you that they are company, regulated by UK regulating agency with about 5-7 old of existence. Well you should be wise for one day, ICO,  is bygones as alternative means of scamming and here comes a broker, we should know with our common sense that making money is never easy in all round especially online, anybody claiming to be a $ machine should first make the money for himself


There is a new method of scam that is given all this fraudster edge over your financial decisions.
We just noticed that scammers now claim to be a broker and they will make their payment options BTC, ETHERUM etc. So that they can’t be traced after scamming you and the investment plan will be daily, weekly, monthly etc of ROI.


Avoid any website that has only cryptocurrency as method of payment and withdrawal so that mychargback will be of any help if there’s any scam case. Always read reviews of any website before investing your money.
Do not hesitate to contact us for enquiry about anything binary options, cryptocurrency and forex trading investments, and even buying assets.


this article is written after scam alart from our users, who lost his $100000 to this false brokers.
Please keep off from this type of broker
As we are going to reveal some of them.
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