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March 26, 2023

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Shamining Reviews; Shamining is a self-acclaimed mining company that is made up of IT experts, Mr. Arthur Harvey as the CEO.
They claim to have over 70,000 investors, however, there is no proof that anyone invests in the company. They guarantee daily profit of 140% but they don’t have any evidence of mining. There are many unanswered about the company this article will elaborate on them.  If you want to make money mining Cryptocurrency, join hashing btc today and thank me later.

Shamining Reviews

Operators of this company appear to be from Iceland.
These scammers claim to be existing since 2018. However, according to our who.is research, the website registration is on 15th May 2020. Therefore, its existence is barely 2 years old. Although they claim to have names of team members on the website, every identity regarding the ownership of the company is undisclosed. If these names on the website are fake, then they should theme it in the company registration. This shows an absolute lack of transparency and you should avoid putting your money in otherwise you will lose it. You can invest your money in this reliable and profitable company.

Who are these people?

In 2018, our team decided to create a unique product in the field of cryptocurrency mining. At first we were outsourcing and offered to rent our farms for companies, but at the end of 2019 we decided to create a product for individuals – this is how SHAMINING appeared. Each of our team members is dedicated to their own narrow specialization, so we offer a truly high-quality platform for your investment.

What are the investment plans?

In this Shamining reviews; Basically, there are four investment plans. They include ASIC miners, INDIVIDUAL, and GPU miners. The mining powers depend on the plan. However, each of the plans promises a 143% return on investment. This is not only outrageous and unrealistic, but it’s also unbelievable especially since the company is not transparent. Also, Shamining.com has no evidence of payment to any of the 70,000 claimed investors.

Does Shamining.com have any License?
Yes, these scammers have a fake license on their website. They only claim to be incorporated into the company house. However, the company’s location is Iceland which further proves how untruthful they are. Moreover, there is no date of incorporation on the certificate as shown below.
Shamining.com Reviews
Shamining Reviews on fees.
This is another big challenge. There is no clear information on this. They only stated reasons for their charges. They also warn that they reserve the right to change such fees as they wish. This is dangerous as they will keep charging outrageous fees.
Shamining.com Reviews.

 Shamining.com reviews on their capacity to mine coins.

Obviously, this company does not mine any coins. Aside from their lack of transparency, they are not saying anything about their mining ridges. We don’t even know if they can mine coins as they claim. Therefore avoid investing your money in this company.

Shamining reviews Conclusion

This company is a scam. Do not invest your money in it. They lack transparency and have no mining ridges. Moreover, the company is not legal. If you want to invest your money and make a profit, do it here.
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1 thought on “Shamining Reviews ; A disastrous mining company. Find out why here.

  1. We need to stop being fooled by all these brokers and account managers, they scammed me over $100,000 of my investment capital, they kept on requesting for extra funds before a withdrawal request can be accepted and processed, in the end, I lost all my money. All efforts to reach out to their customer support desk had declined, I found it very hard to move on.

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