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StsRoyal review ; This is allegedly a broker that claim to be the newest Innovation in cryptocurrency investment. These people behind this operation are very much in serious confusion. Therefore, we wish to go straight to the point and let you know that this broker is big time scam. In other words, you should not waste either your money or your time in it.

StsRoyal utilizes similar scamming strategy like other scammers. They make unrealistic promises to lure potential and unsuspecting clients to invest. How do we mean? These people guarantee investors 92% ROI. In addition, they promise to offer a welcome bonus ranging from 30% to 150%. Of course this sounds interesting and captivating. Therefore, we warn you to be careful because there is a skeleton in their cupboard. And you will soon find out in this StsRoyal review.

Meanwhile, to get across to them, potential clients will have to fill out a form on the contact page. They can also send a mail to or even call this number +44 2080599853 .

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StsRoyal review

StsRoyal is nothing but a big time scam and the operator is not even good enough to make up an interesting story.
They claim to operate from Marshall Islands where they are registered. Meanwhile, this broker even has a so called registration number. But we are aware that those are some random numbers, therefore they shouldn’t deceive you with such numbers.

StsRoyal is really confused here. If you peruse the website well, you will also find out that they claim to be registered in Germany. These are all stories to confuse you. In addition, they share similar name with another website known as These are classical features of scammers. They usually present as in posters. And you just have to avoid them.

For now we advise you to avoid this broker. If you want to invest your money in cryptocurrency, you should always do it in a reputable and regulated broker like Iqoption, or fxpro.

StsRoyal claim to be highly profitable and reliable. But there is no clear plartform they utilize to generate the profit. Their trading conditions are not even stated. Moreover, there is no trading history and all the reviews found out on the internet about them are negative reviews. Therefore there is no way we are recommending this broker in this StsRoyal review.

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Who’s behind this ugly scam?

Capital Letter GbmH is the company claiming to be the owners of this platform. Disclaimer at the bottom of their homepage reads they are based in the Marshall Islands. By their own admission, StsRoyal is an offshore brokerage house which can’t be trusted with funds for obvious reasons. To open an account with this broker, you are required to give out your personal details. Account opening takes less than five minutes and this is where the problem starts. We recommend you stay away from this platform.

Another shocking revelation with this offshore broker is in regards to ownership. In this StsRoyal review, we found out that anonymity is a scammer’s best friend and this is what StsRoyal is after. Without giving any details, we don’t know the founding members of this platform. Who are the people operating this platform? Lack of this vital information means we are dealing with an unknown entity. Operating without a credible owner means this could be an offshore scam platform. Traders are asked to stay away from this platform. Instead you should invest in reputable and reliable broker like Fxpro.

Other weaknesses of

No Demo account: does not provide any demo account. Therefore it’s difficult for us to objectively access their trading conditions. But subjectively, we can say that this trading conditions are not most likely going to be favourable. This is the only reason they would not allow potential clients to access it through a Demo account.

StsRoyal review on Deposit and Withdrawal method.

Stsroyal reviewThere are different methods of payment. Of course they have to offer you such opportunity because your own payment is an opportunity for them. These payment methods include credit card, debit card, wire transfer, Carte Bleue or PayPal. They allow the following debit/credit cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, Carte Bleue, or MAESTRO. The lowest amount of payment by credit card is 100 USD (10,000 JPY).

Our only problem is investors are not able to withdraw from the company. This makes it a huge scam.

Are your Funds safe in StsRoyal

The answer is simply no. They are not safe. This broker is a scam. If you want to invest your money, then do it in a transparent broker like Hotforex. This way, both your deposit and withdrawal will be secure.

Stsroyal review Conclusion.

The most vital information is that this broker is a scam. They don’t have license to provide financial services. And this means you may loose all your money if you invest in it.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share your opinion of this broker in the comment section.
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