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February 7, 2023

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Valuefx review; is valuefx legit or scam, who is behind this trading platform? Find out today by reading valuefx.eu review.

Valuefx.eu review; This is a website under the operation of highly ignorant scammers. They claim it is a UK  broker that offers forex, binary options, and cryptocurrency trading. These are lies and they are just looking for who to scam. Meanwhile, their website is highly unprofessional with nothing really to offer. But those details will follow suit in this Valuefx review.

Moreover, to get across to them, potential clients have to do so through any  of the links below.

Phone Number: +4412332322

Email Address: [email protected] [email protected]


If you have been keeping your money in the bank, that’s not a good option. Do you want to multiply your money in a legitimate manner? that’s a fantastic idea. However, you have to be careful because the forex, binary options and crypo currency industry is filled with scammers.



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ValueFx Review

These scammers claim to trade forex, binary option and crypto currency. However, that is a big lie and you have to avoid them. First of all, the website design is very inferior and highly unprofessional. No legit company will advertise using such a mess.

Moreover, there is no clear message relating to what they actually do. For example, claiming to be a leading brand in the industry; We expect such things as their trading platform, account types, spread, leverage, support,and security of client’s fund. The details will follow suit in this valueFx review.

Value fx review on the security of your funds


Valuefx review
This website doesn’t have SSL encryption as in the image below. Therefore, your funds are entirely unsafe. The moment you give out your personal information, get ready because you will be a victim of scam

ValueFX is an anonymous broker with no regulation. It’s currently on the blacklist of the financial authorities in the UK and Denmark. This information is verifiable in the recent warning issued by FCA below.

However, in this valueFX.eu review, we wish to pay attention to what they say about their business. ValueFX claims to be “fully regulated, adhering to the strict guidelines of the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK”; And as a prove they even present us with a certificate of incorporation with the UK Companies House, number 07529161 as shown below:

The obvious problem here is that this is simply not true. Not only that Value FX is not regulated by FCA, as it should have been if they want to legally offer financial services on the UK market, but also they are already on the blacklist of the Commission.

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Therefore, we can safely conclude in this Value FX review that it is not regulated by any watchdog organization; And we can safely conclude also that it has no license. So,  to offer financial services and investment funds with them entail significant risk.


How does this Valuefx.eu work?


Apparently, this is not a trading website, rather they run a PAMM platform.

The percentage allocation management module, also known as percentage allocation money management or PAMM, is a form of pooled money forex trading. An investor gets to allocate his or her money in the desired proportion to the qualified trader(s)/money manager(s) of his or her choice. These traders/managers may manage multiple forex trading accounts using their own capital and such pooled money, with an aim to generate profits.

Before you involve yourself with this lousy platform, you need to answer the following question; Do they really trade forex?
If they do, are they regulated by any body?
If you cannot answer these questions, then you have to stay away and invest in a legitimate company.

Value FX review;  Did you notice the fake certificate of incorporation?


ValueFx review
Apparently, valuefx.eu is a clone website. They parade a registration number, precisely 07529161.
However, this incorporation is shown in a fake company house website which is beta-companyhouseuk.com.


However, when we searched the genuine website which is beta.companyhouse.gov.uk; We realized that the registration number belongs to another company that is currently dormant. Therefore, we can assume in this review without bias that they lack transparency. This means that you can always lose your money, no question asked.

ValueFX.eu review on the trading platform, leverage, and spread.

Their trading platform is anonymous. Most legitimate forex brokers use either meta trader 4 or meta trader 5 that come with friendly tools. This is not the case here. We don’t even know if they use a customized trading platform or not. A self-acclaimed secretive company doesn’t deserve your money when you can invest in a lucrative and reliable broker.

In addition, they never mention anything about their leverage and claiming to offer spread of 0.1 pip is obviously too good to be true. Not even other trading conditions are disclosed and this is exactly how scammers operate. They make sure they keep their customers in the dark. Also the information regarding their liquidity provision is just an empty statement with no substantial fact.



Methods of deposit and withdrawal and other trading conditions.


Value FX review

The website does not advertise any payment transaction methods; which is one of the main things investors want to know and hence every respected broker puts forward in a prominent place. In the trading area, the Deposit link displayed 3 options – Bitcoin, Wire Transfer and Debit/Credit Card. The latter, however, was “Not Available for your country.”


During this Valuefx review, we read in the terms and Conditions: “In order for the Company to execute a margin trade on behalf of the Customer, a minimum margin deposit of $5000 (five thousand USD) must be paid in the Customer’s account.” This is an extremely high amount for a minimum deposit and raises a huge red flag that this might be a fraud.

Value fx review on the account types.


Valuefx.eu review.

Value FX promises guaranteed returns on investment of between 10% and 25% depending on your account type.

Bear in mind that trading the forex market is extremely risky and even professional traders loses frequently. What is more, all brokers, regulated in the European Union and the UK, are even obliged to publish the precise percent of traders, who lose money on their platforms – a percent that varies between 75% and 85% on average. So any broker that may tell you that may guarantee your profits is surely about to scam you.

The basic problem with any broker, which offers managed accounts, irrespective of whether it is under the control of some special trading software or “professional traders”, is that like all other brokers it also acts as a market maker.


So if your let market makers like Value FX to manage your funds, they will simply have the incentive to mismanage them and lose them in their own pockets. This is a fine example of a conflict of interest.


Valuefx.eu Review Conclusion


These people are scammers and we hope that this extensive Valuefx review will help you avoid them. The website is not secure, and the entire platform is quite inferior or. This is in addition to their undisclosed trading conditions as well as unreliable methods of deposit and withdrawal. Learn more about iqcent broker .

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