XP trade review ; The only thing this broker can do for you is to scam you.


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XP trade reviewXP Trade review ; This is a recent company that claim to be your number one choice in cryptocurrency investment. Meanwhile they promise to help you maximize your profit. According to the homepage of this website; Investors will have access to over 1000 tradable instruments. Unfortunately, the website has insufficient information concerning the company.

For now, we can assure you that XP trade is a complete scam. The anonymous operators are just looking for who to still their money. Therefore, we don’t want you to be a victim, which is why we expose them in this XP trade review.

Considering their phone number and there declaration on the about us page; One can assume safely that these scammers are operating from UK.

To get across to them, potential clients will have to fill out a form on the contact page. They can also call +4(420) 3608-7578 or send a mail to support@xp-trade.com.

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XP Trade review

This broker is a complete scam. They lack transparency which is priority in every investment especially online.
First of all, in their about us page, they claim to have been existing since 2013. Meanwhile, according to who.is, the domain was only registered on 5th August, 2019. That is just 5 months as the time of this review.

In addition, there is no evidence of transaction on the website. Although they claim to offer 3 different plartforms for their potential clients. They claim to also have over 1000 tradable instruments. But these are just claims to get at innocent investors.

Moreover, there is no availability of demo account to test the plartforms. This makes these broker a glaring scam.

We seriously warn everyone to stay away from this XP Trade to avoid loosing your money. But if you have lost your money to them already, or to any other scammer, then read this Mychargeback review to find out how to recover your money.

Are your funds secure in this XP Trade?

This is the question we always advise you to answer before you you invest your money in any broker. Meanwhile, in the case of this XP Trade, the answer is no. Your money is not safe at all.
The operators of this scam does not disclose their identity. Moreover, the broker is not licensed to provide the service they claim to offer. This is a big red flag.

A self acclaimed broker without any license and lacks transparency does not deserve your investment. Moreover, the operators are anonymous which means that they are only interested in scamming people.

During our research for this XP Trade review, we found out that there is no where in the website they mentioned about license. They only claim to be legitimate, but without any proof. Therefore, we suggest you stay far away from these people, except you want to loose your money. In addition, they don’t operate segregation of account. Which means that once you register, then you will loose all your money.

Instead of wasting your time and money in this broker, invest it in any of this licensed and regulated brokers. This way, you can even file for a charge back if you don’t like their services.

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XP Trade available accounts, trading conditions and charges.

There are four different account types which they offer. They include, starter, basic, advanced and premier accounts. These account types require a minimum deposit of 500, 10, 000 , 25,000 and 100,000 USD respectively. Meanwhile these values are beyond the industry standard. Which is how gready scammers function.

Moreover, there is scant information at all regarding the trading conditions of the brokerage and the purported trading products offered. The broker’s website only mentions the maximum leverage levels provided and the minimum investments required for each account type. Such a lack of clarity is quite likely an indicator of the ill-minded intentions of XP Trade.

On top of all the disadvantages of XP Trade above, the broker requires an initial investment of $500 for its most basic account, which is twice higher than the average in the industry, and also charges pretty salty fees. For example, the monthly inactivity fee amounts to $100, and there is also an auto-trading software fee of $100.

XP Trade review Conclusion

This broker is nothing to write home about. They are only interested in your money. And once you invest, you will be scammed. Therefore, stay far away from them.
Thanks for reading and happy trading.
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  1. Scam!!! They will succeed in convincing you with their tricks to believe them and put your hard earned sum by promising you 100% guarantee and at the end you will end up getting nothing and they keep demanding high fees when you ask for a withdrawal they can never keep to their promise after convincing you to invest a huge sum amount with them. I went ahead to seek help to claim my money back. Luckily for me I came across a testimony of a victim who was able to recover back his stolen asset online with the help of a binary option recovery expert, Agent Alexanders who is an expert in recovery of any online stolen asset, and to my greatest surprise, i reached out to him and laid my complain, and he took my case and him and his team was able to recover back my money and get it refunded back to me via an online banking platform which was reliable and trusted for funds withdrawal service, and my life was restored. I barely share my problem with anyone, because i thought i lost it all.

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